Page Eight, by Susan Fawcett, from the journal of our pan-American adventures

My work has appeared in numerous encyclopedias, journals, magazines, and newspapers, including Fortune China, the Guardian UK, and ChinaDialogue.

I am iteratively compiling a thorough list of my recent publications. Please bear with me and, in the meantime, look to my homepage for background on my writing and even some complete text.

The list:

I co-wrote the China section for Greenleaf publishing‘s “World Guide to CSR” (Jul 2010), edited by Cambridge researcher Wayne Visser and Nick Tolhurst of the Institute for Corporate Culture Affairs.

I coordinated, co-led, and co-authored a project that analyzed China’s ability to gain global competitiveness through sustainable development, Responsible Competitiveness in China: Seizing the green opportunity for low-carbon development (Nov 2009), funded by Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and supported by Chinese Ministry of Commerce (under the Sino-Swedish CSR Project) as part of the Swedish EU presidency, launched at the 2009 state-level EU-China Business Forum.

The UK Guardian‘sComment is Free” section published “A green call to arms” (Nov 2009) about many overlooked roles the Chinese and US business communities can play in making and earning green. I then targeted the Obama administration’s role more specifically on his first visit to China in a piece for ChinaDialogue on “Obama’s China moment” (Nov 2009).

I interviewed Jane Goodall twice, once for ChinaDialogue in “Planting the seeds of peace” (Nov 2008) and earlier for that’s Shanghai with “Primal instincts” (Oct 2006).

For The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide (formerly the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review), I wrote about “The silent death of Shanghai’s first gay hotline” (Dec 2007).

I had a stint with Shanghaiist and wrote about things like gay academics in “China’s first undergraduate gay studies course” (Aug 2005), underground foxtrotting in “Gay ballroom dancing at the nelliest dancehall in town” (Aug 2005), Shanghai’s first guqin shop (Yuefu Qinguan) in “Tea and Ancient Strings: Shanghai’s guqin shop” (Aug 2005), and “Gun drama at Hongqiao Airport” (May 2006), and “The greening of Shanghai.”

I wrote about “Monks and me” (and travel) for Spring Wind (Autumn 2004).

While an editor and writer at The Michigan Daily (1999-2), I wrote columns, editorials, and arts features, as well as creating and conducting the “Random Student Interview,” which numerous writers have copies and reinvented in print and in video, even by writers at The Michigan Review, the conservative University of Michigan campus rag.

You can find scans and images of some of my magazine and journal articles here.

My first self-published story was “The Journey” in fourth grade at age 10. I even illustrated and bound the creation.